The morning began the same way the previous day had with a mesoscale convective system soaking us as we loaded our gear into the vans. We fled west from Colorado City TX to eastern sections of New Mexico to climb back into the sunshine. We found some cells going up near Lovington and stopped for quite a while to watch this spiraling updraft:

When this and several other cells dissipated we moved west and were very tempted to catch an impressive storm near Roswell NM. However we were diverted by another storm that went up north of the road we were on:
The good news is that this was a nice storm to chase. The bad news is that the poor road network in that part of New Mexico prohibited us from doing so. The upshot – after driving thru open rangeland in which cows had the right of way – was that we gave up on that storm and instead went after one east of Hobbs.
This was a beautiful and enormous discrete supercell whose structure was evident from over 50 miles away. We dove south and eventually got into position to see the storm from relatively close proximity while keeping a wary eye on both hail and lightning:
We bounded south and east a few times to stay in position and were rewarded with great structure views (no tornado) including a visually stunning mesocyclone amid the evening twilight:
We capped off the evening with a stop to watch the nocturnal lightning display as it illuminated this storm and others. Most of the day had been frustrating but this ninth inning home run save the game today!