I really didn’t hold out hope for chasing this afternoon but I did bite on a line of cells that was pivoting northeast across the area. I watched radar for a while and decided the line was holding its own so I rolled down the driveway to target the southern end. Of course fifteen minutes after I left home that “Tail End Charlie” cell fizzled into diffuse rain showers. Thus from Boones Mill on Rte 220 I decided to push northeast along a back road to Burnt Chimney in an attempt to catch the northern section since it looked more robust.

It turns out I would have been better positioned to stay at home as the strongest cell on the line passed over my neighborhood and continued northeastward, paralleling I-81 and becoming severe-warned not long after moving out of the Roanoke valley. My route from Burnt Chimney to Bedford kept me parallel with but never close to this storm as the base stayed west of the Blue Ridge. As I turned westward back toward Roanoke I noticed more convection to the south that I might or might not have caught up with had I zoomed back in that direction. I passed on that chance and headed home to await the more robust action that will likely arrive after dark.

Sounds like a local nocturnal spot/chase!!