After blowing a good chase opportunity Wednesday afternoon June 4th I was permitted a reprise when the main convection arrived near sundown. Tornado watches had been issued west of Roanoke but I was still surprised when one was issued for our immediate area. However after watching several cells exhibit rotational shear I was less amazed than at first.

I parked at a favorite hillside spot overlooking the Roanoke valley and settled in to wait for things to happen. It didn’t take long as I spied this lowering under a rain free base of a storm east of me near Blue Ridge VA:

Not long after this cell moved off another one built over Vinton. Its rain shaft indicated some low level shear near ground level even tho’ there was no surface wind at my location:

I believe it was this same cell which developed a lowering that I would classify as a wall cloud when it passed near or over Read Mountain at the north end of the Roanoke valley:
Even as I watched yet another cell showed an obvious sign of rotational shear:
This swirling motion corresponded with radar-indicated rotation on this storm.
By this time I had begun live streaming as more convection approached from the west. This very dark snapshot shows what my unaided eye told me could be a funnel…altho’ I wasn’t confident enough to report it as such:
I finally gave up on the “chase’ when total darkness fell and steady rainfall settled in. There was some lightning activity but not enough to illuminate features sufficiently for me to keep watching.
Thus the day wasn’t a total bust!