I had little inclination to chase today as the parameters didn’t look favorable for anything interesting but Mother Nature had other ideas. When storms fired in North Carolina under a severe thunderstorm watch they moved north and east into reachable chase territory so I left home after dinner to intercept. I originally targeted Rocky Mount as an waypoint from which to evaluate what direction to head, but as I rolled down Rte 220 near Wirtz I glanced southward and saw a developing wall cloud:

Quickly pulling off the highway I found a spot from which to set up a live stream broadcast while I watched and took photos. Here’s a closeup:

I eventually had to relocate as a heavy rainshaft developed, obscuring the wallcloud and moving in my direction. Thus I drove south to Rocky Mount where I swung northeast to Burnt Chimney to reset the live stream. There I had this view of the rainshaft with a lowering to the right:

About that time I noticed a rotation couplet on radar southwest of my location so I pushed in that direction to reach the Union Hall vicinity on Rte 40. I saw nothing of note even though I wound up underneath the rotation. When darkness approached I called it a chase and headed home.
Not bad for a last minute decision!