I did go out “hunting” storms this afternoon to no avail. I had followed the progress of a seemingly long-lasting complex moving northeastward toward Rocky Mount and decided it was worth intercepting. Alas, by the time I made my way to that vicinity the cluster had fallen apart. With the only other convection evident on radar still well to the west I called my wife and we met for dinner back in Roanoke.

When we walked out of the restaurant the western storms had approached close enough that I headed to a local park instead of going home. Setting up shop in a favorite hilltop parking lot I turned on the live stream, the dashboard video, and began snapping photos of an approaching shelf cloud:
Shelf cloud overview

This is closeup shot taken a bit later:

As the storm continued its eastward march across the ridge lines it began dissipating. But as it did so the southern edge seemed to reform a wall cloud on the southern edge of the precipitation which showed signs of rotation:

Not being sure enough of this rotation I reviewed and edited the dashcam video. I decided it was inconclusive but you can judge for yourself:
At any rate it was a chase of sorts and kept me from a total bust this September afternoon.