I deliberately didn’t chase on Sept 11th for two reasons:
     (1) I had been to and from Blacksburg that day to provide a chasing presentation to a VT meteorology class and
     (2) It was my birthday and I didn’t want to pass up dinner at home that night.

The drawback was missing the convection that fired late that afternoon. Morning runs of the short range models had indicated chances of rotating storms and this one showed up near Radford late that afternoon:

Not long after this two separate discrete cells fired in Bedford county (where I would have targeted if I had gone out) and both had radar-indicated rotation on them, meaning both likely had well-developed wallclouds underneath.
Then later that evening this storm showed up near Gretna (image captured by my son):
Thus deference to my birthday activities caused a “miss” of a decent chasing setup…but, hey, some things take priority!
Keeping my fingers crossed for one more good chase this year.