The oncoming deep diving trough and associated weather system is still slowing down thanks to an increasing negative tilt and a few other factors (blocking ridge off the coast, etc). I plan to monitor short term models and radar Tuesday afternoon for any cells popping up ahead of the system and might just preposition east of the mountains for the late afternoon.

Meanwhile Wednesday morning looks like a painfully early rise time in order to get ahead of the action. Here’s today’s 18Z 4km NAM radar representation for 12Z (8 am) Wednesday:

This squall line is actually 60-70 miles west of where this morning’s model run had it located at 8 am Wednesday. Even so to get set up ahead of it will mean me leaving home by 0630 and heading for (probably) Danville. If it is delayed this much I may have a chance at seeing something over the Piedmont during the late morning or early afternoon. 
Keeping my fingers crossed for a chaseable setup!!