Today the Storm Prediction Center shifted to its new five tiered convective outlook system. In doing so the fabled “See Text” category has disappeared. Thus I felt it my civic duty to share photos of a couple of Virginia storms that I’ve intercepted underneath this now-departed regime.

First there was this storm on June 24 2006:

I was heading west through rural Stafford county after looking at an earlier cell in King George county. I spied this feature through the treeline to my left and quickly whipped onto a southward route where I found a spot to pull off and snap this photo.
Then came this little gem on May 28 2009:
This was looking west across the Rappahannock River valley from a favorite viewing spot next to a quarry. I had been watching and filming a cell east of me before turning around to look at the next storm to the west. This wallcloud and funnel surprised both me and the met. at NWS Sterling when I called in a report. The circulation was apparently below their radar horizon (~60 miles straight line) but rotation was obvious in the video I took.
Farewell “See Text”!!