I’m not certain there is any significance to the fact that St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th – is also the day that the Virginia statewide Tornado Drill is being conducted. This annual event will be conducted at 9:45 a.m. Signup for the drill can be found here

Now the question arises as to whether there are enough tornadoes in Virginia to bother with such a drill. This graphic shows the number of tornadoes by county during the period 1950-2004:

VA tornado_counts2004

Although these numbers are a far cry from states in the traditional “Tornado Alley” over the Great Plains there are sufficient occurrences to warrant having a plan for dealing with tornados. Such plans are especially important for schools and businesses where large numbers of people are concentrated. Thus a good St. Paddy’s day activity would be to participate in this drill.

When a tornado is bearing down on your location it is too late to figure out what to do!!