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Wednesday March 11th began our trip south to catch some spring training baseball in Florida. As we approached Jacksonville from the north I could see a couple of impressive updrafts that became even more impressive when I caught a glimpse of rain-free bases under each of them.

Here was a view of the first storm with a wall cloud (taken by Nathan White). Although this photo doesn’t show it prominently there was a substantial tail cloud feeding into the wall cloud from the rain shaft further north.

first view of wallcloud


We continued south, weaving our way around a traffic tieup on I-95 while keeping an eye on the storms. We caught this view of the southernmost cell as we crossed a bridge south of Jacksonville (photo again by Nathan White):

Southern view

Below is a screenshot of the radar velocity near the time of the above photo. Our position – the blue circle – relative to the rotation on the southern cell is evident. But check out the crazy couplet on the storm to the north of the in the photo. Wish we could have chased it!!