A very brief update on yesterday’s chase.

We targeted eastern CO and thus didn’t have far to go from our lodgings in Guymon OK. We motored to Springfield and cooled our heels in a nice municipal park for a bit as towers went up to our west. Finally deciding on a cell we pushed west a little to see this:

a long lonely Colorado road to a storm

Altho’ this storm looked good there were a number of other cells popping up and with the limited road network we decided to play the southern end of the line. Thus we dove south to Boise City OK to wait for a while, watching the “Tail End Charlie” cell on a developing squall line.

Wall cloud on Tail End Charlie

A decent cell went up near us there and drifted slowly northward so we pushed back north to…Springfield. Watching there for a while we then moved east to stay ahead of the squall line, keeping an eye on “Tail End Charlie”. We stopped at the CO/KS border to watch:

Storm approaching the KS_CO border

Continuing east we oohed and aahed at the structure:


With the sun going down we all snapped some awesome photos, but this is one of my favorites, with a sunlit roll cloud in the foreground and a supercell mesocyclone signature in the background.

Money shot at sunsetThere was a tornado near us in last night in KS but we don’t chase at night so we let that go and overnighted again in Guymon OK.