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So I chased today. Did I see anything worthwhile? No. Did I spend a LOT of time behind the wheel? Yes. Was it worth it? Debatable.

I knew a backdoor cold front would fire up some storms this afternoon. However I didn’t realize they would be as widespread as early as they were. I rolled down the driveway at 1 pm and I was already behind the eight ball. My original target was the Lynchburg area but that quickly went out the window when storms had already reached Lynchburg’s latitude by that time.

Thus I pointed the chasemobile south in hopes of moseying east to the Rte 29 corridor at Gretna. But by the time I reached my turning point at Rocky Mount storms were already in the Gretna/Chatham vicinity. So I kept heading south – unwillingly – toward Martinsville. I stopped east of there to evaluate and decided I needed to keep pushing east to Danville.

After the seemingly endless trek to a point east of Danville I diverted south toward Milton NC, stopping just north of the state line to point the chasemobile (and live stream camera) north at the storm. This view typified today’s hazy visibility:

Looking N fm nr NC line

And this was the radar view at the time:


When precipitation filled in I motored south into North Carolina, stopping just southeast of Milton while keeping a wary eye on this core.:


This was the view of the approaching core which stayed just east of me:

core approach SE of Milton

Not wanting to get sucked further south into generally hostile chase terrain i moved back north to the Rte 58 corridor. A strong section of the convective line near South Boston had stalled just west of town and exhibited a sharp reflectivity gradient on its east side. So I decided to maneuver to the east side of the line in an attempt to see something. After a rural jaunt over to Rte 501 I wound up punching thru another core while driving back north to Rte 58. I never saw anything worthwhile but it was remarkable that Rte 501 going into South Boston was bone dry.

Noting more storms further north I pushed back west to Danville and then north to near Lynchburg. However nothing chaseable materialized so I grabbed a late dinner and headed home. I had been inside three separate severe thunderstorm warning polygons but had nothing more than a few impressive CGs to show for it. Too much haze!!