Despite the potential for some December chasing in Virginia as indicated on forecast models it was a “no-go” for me both yesterday and today.

Wednesday’s setup – as indicated by several model solutions – involved convection along a warm/wedge front that marched westward during the day. Unfortunately that boundary was too far east for me to consider chasing. The closest the action got to me during daylight hours was still 2 hours away and with pre-Christmas traffic, dense fog advisories lasting into the afternoon, and the shortest days of the year I didn’t bite.

When my focus shifted to today (Christmas Eve) I haunted the models once again for timing and position. I needed to take a round-trip to northern Virginia and was hopeful of chasing during either or both legs of the trip. However the squall line that wreaked havoc west of the Appalachians Wednesday traveled faster and further overnight than forecast.

Thus when I arose early this morning said line had already passed my location and then stalled out well south and east of where the models had predicted…not anywhere near my route. No other storms fired west of this boundary so no chasing for me today either.

Hey, it IS December!!