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With the current Omega Block in place we’ve enjoyed wonderfully clear and dry weather here in Virginia for the past ten days. Now I’m looking forward to some convection Friday that will – hopefully – provide some rain to diminish the overabundance of suspended pollen grains plus provide something worth chasing.

Here’s this morning’s (12Z) GFS solution showing shear values at 2 pm Friday (courtesy Pivotal Weather):GFS shear map 18Z FriPurple shading shows bulk shear values near or above 40 knots as a cold front crosses Virginia. The accompanying surface based CAPE values are only in the 500 j/kg range so this isn’t a ballistically loaded setup by any stretch of the imagination.

Still the hope is that there will finally be something worth going out to look at after this extended period of quiet weather. Next week may also provide a chase opportunity but I’m withholding judgement on that just yet.