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With a backdoor cold front oozing south thru Virginia and an upper level impulse pushing in from the west I was hopeful of some sort of chaseable activity today. I wasn’t disappointed!

I initially planned to head to Lynchburg just after lunch but when the surface observation at the airport showed that the wind had swapped around to the east (FROPA) I changed my target. Thus I dropped south to Rocky Mount and then east along VA Route 40 to get ahead of convection building in Franklin and Henry counties.

Stopping just south of Union Hall I witnessed a distant wall cloud under a cell to the southwest near Martinsville. I wound up motoring south on Climax Road in Pittsylvania county to a spot where I could see more lowerings underneath storms southwest of me. Continuing south and then turning west on VA Route 57 I maneuvered via back roads to a spot northwest of Danville where I stopped to witness the beginnings of a shelf cloud.

beginning of shelf cloud W of Danville

When the rain from this cell approached I continued south and east to a point where I saw the now fully developed shelf cloud.

fully developed shelf cloud NW of Danville

I wound up motoring south to U.S. Route 58 and then rolled east of Danville, stopping several times to observe the shelf cloud and to keep an eye on the “Tail-end Charlie” storm on a short line segment. I finally stopped between Danville and Turbeville on Rte 58 and decided to pull the plug on this activity.

Moving back west to Danville I headed north on U.S. Route 29 to intercept another batch of convection moving across Franklin county. I stopped along 29 to let the storms get closer and noticed a lowering underneath the southern edge.Inital sight of lowering from Rte 29

I moved south and then west to a parking lot of a golf course where I saw a wall cloud even though this cell was fading on radar.

wall cloud from golf course(2)

Wanting a better view I zoomed back to 29 and dropped south to a spot where I had this view of the now-dissipating wall cloud.

Fading wall cloud N of Chatham

At this point I headed back west toward Rocky Mount to (a) check on more convection and (b) eat dinner. The latter happened while the former wasn’t worth the effort, so I called it a chase at that point.