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As the huge wall cloud from storm #1 was perhaps 2 miles north of me I had my first glimpse at a trailing cell over my left (western) shoulder.Storm_2 first glance

Lowerings under the rain-free base on the southwest side of this cell were apparent even while I was focused on the wall cloud under storm #1. The radar view a few minutes later shows storm #2 strengthening:IMG_4161

After I pulled away from storm #1 I doubled back to a point just west of Tightsqueeze and parked next to an open field literally across the road from Chatham High School. There I had a full view of this next cell as it began to gather scud underneath the rain-free base.Storm_2 gathering scud nr Tightsqueeze

(I should note that both this storm and storm #1 went thru several cycles of strengthening and weakening as I observed them. Wall clouds morphed into shelf clouds and then back to wall clouds as the cells alternately became outflow-dominant and inflow-strengthened.)

Of the three storms I chased on 4/28 this was the only one that wasn’t severe-warned. After a few more minutes storm #2 exhibited an awesome ground-scraping wall cloud:Storm_2 wall cloud

This strengthening updraft phase didn’t last long and the wall cloud morphed into a roll cloud detached from the parent updraft. Meanwhile the overall updraft exhibited a great striated structure indicating the overall rotation:Storm_2 dissipated wall cloud and striated updraft

As this storm approached I pulled away from it and headed south on U.S. Route 29 toward Blairs and an overdue dinner. Nature, however, had other ideas…