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Today’s SPC Enhanced Risk was a bust but the chase was not. Starting in Gretna we chased several cells and line segments that were all outflow dominant (i.e. no mesocyclones or rotation), winding up not far from Roxboro NC. A couple of the storms went severe-warned for high winds and some possible hail. We saw some very picturesque shelf clouds and other cool sights but nothing that warranted the relatively high level of severe risk.

That’s all the narrative I feel inclined to record. Instead of continuing here are some photos illustrating what we saw.

Storm #1 N of Chatham

Storm #1 north of Chatham VA

It gonna rain

Rain shaft from storm #1 not very far away

Tightsqueeze shelf cloud

Shelf cloud under storm #2 near Tightsqueeze

Rain from Chatham shelf cloud

Tightsqueeze shelf cloud almost overhead

Unfiltered Blairs whales mouth

Unfiltered photo in the whale’s mouth (under the shelf) near Blairs

Another unfiltered Blairs whales mouth

Another unfiltered whale’s mouth photo

Shelf cloud S of Semora NC

Shelf under storm #3 south of Semora NC

Unfiltered shelf cloud over Hyco Lake

Storm #3 shelf over Hyco Lake NC

Hyco Lake shelf cloud and effluent

Another view of shelf over Hyco Lake (note the effluent plume leaning from storm outflow)

And that’s it for Virginia chasing for a while.