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Nope, I didn’t chase today. Mitigating factors included hosting a family day visit, welcoming more family for a couple of overnight stays, unfavorable evening timing, and westerly winds that kept discrete cells from forming ahead of the squall line in southern Virginia this afternoon.GOES1855201616883byjZ

I had been hoping for some discrete cells east of the mountains that would likely have been supercells but the downsloping drying effect of the westerly winds nixed that. Chasing squall lines is more work than fun and this one was due over the I-81 corridor around dusk. I’m not a big fan of night chasing so that was another strike against heading out on the road.

I did venture out to a local vantage point with my daughter from out of town. We watched a couple of cells build over the Roanoke valley as we caught up on life. With the setting sun at our backs we witnessed a  double rainbow:Roanoke rainbow

And before we turned back toward the west to watch the lightning play under the oncoming squall line we also caught this sunlit storm view to the east:Sunset storm

So no chase today but I did see some neat sights and spent some quality time with family. That’s a pretty decent tradeoff.