So it’s just after 7 pm on a Tuesday that featured an SPC Slight Risk for most of Virginia (with an Enhanced Risk for far northeastern portions of the state). I’ve been home for a half hour now, having called off the chase after several hours of futility.

Strike one: The storms that were very vigorous over West Virginia fell apart dramatically after they entered Virginia south of I-64. North of I-64 things looked better but I wasn’t chasing up there today.

Strike two: The blowoff from the western storms left a thick overcast over central and western Virginia. That plus the high surface humidity led to low visibility conditions in which I could see absolutely no storm structure. At one point a CG crashed down a few miles from me and I’d had no clue there was even a storm nearby.

Strike three: The NWS Blacksburg radar (KFCX) was down all day long. The surrounding radars just couldn’t quite fill the gap as illustrated here:13310452_1233525626666173_8696660879731862469_n

So between weakening storms, a lack of visual cues, and poor radar coverage I called it off just after 5:30 and headed home. What good’s a chase if you can’t see anything?