With the Atlantic tropical basin coming alive there’s hope for a storm chase of tropical remnants here in the Old Dominion. At the moment Fiona and Gaston both look like they’ll steer clear of the U.S. mainland. However the third system – to be Hermine if it develops – may be a factor.

Here’s the current 7 day WPC forecast map.9nhwbg_conus

“Hermine” is the low pressure just off the west coast of Florida. The orange arrow I’ve added shows the 10 day Euro model forecast of its track. IF this path is correct (too far ahead to bet on) the southeastern states could be very wet and windy as September begins.

However this track doesn’t bode well for chasing convective activity here in Virginia. But if the storm’s path shifts and pushes northward along or just west of the Appalachians the beginning of meteorological autumn (Sept 1st) may provide an interesting chase opportunity.

We’ll see.