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The second supercell I chased on Thursday Sept 29th cycled a number of times while I observed it. Each cycle included a hook echo on radar reflectivity plus indicated rotation on velocity scans. Here’s the earliest velocity image I saved just before the associated wall cloud passed over Martinsville:img_5792

Exactly an hour later I had moved north and then west to a position ~ 3 miles west of Museville where I was at the entrance to the inflow notch while saving this image:img_5804

Less than a mile south of me I watched a funnel spin up briefly before it and its wall cloud dissipated.

Continuing north to Penhook along Snow Creek Rd I turned west to Union Hall along Rte 40 just behind the storm. I didn’t save velocity images from this location but this video frame grab (pulled from my live streaming camera files and enhanced) was from roughly 7:13 pm:multivortex-funnel-n-of-union-hall_edited

What can be seen on the video is a multi-vortex funnel spinning around behind the building in the foreground. At this juncture the feature was perhaps a mile north of me. This feature repeated several times over the next few minutes as the wall cloud moved right to left in the frame. After carefully reviewing my live stream files I’m 90% convinced the circulation was on the ground at least once…i.e. a tornado occurred.

I’ve already sent the above info and the video files to NWS Blacksburg for their purview. I’m not completely positive this cell was still severe-warned at the time. I know for sure it wasn’t tornado warned.

I’m not quite ready to claim a tornado happened but if it didn’t it came mighty close to doing so this past Thursday. Either way it was an eventful chase!