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Why not? The end of 2016 is rapidly approaching and many other folks are posting top ten lists…so here goes:

#10: Sunset photo over Wirtz on June 15th15jun-sunset-over-wirtz-copy

#9: “Whale’s mouth” near Blairs VA June 5th5jun16-whales-mouth-nr-blairs_r1-copy

#8: Feb 24th wall cloud under second tornado-warned cell near Danville24feb-wallcloud-under-2nd-storm-copy

#7: August 17th shelf cloud over rural Pittsylvania county tobacco field17aug16-pittsylvania-county-copy

#6: Pileus cap over rapidly growing tower north of Roanoke May 11th11may16-pileus-cap-copy

#5: June 4th wall cloud and likely funnel over Republican Grovewallcloud and lowering_2 over Republican Grove

#4: Shelf cloud over Hyco Lake NC on June 5thUnfiltered shelf cloud over Hyco Lake

#3: June 23rd wall cloud southeast of ChathamOh my

#2: Clarksville wall cloud September 28thclarksville-wallcoud_2_cg

And the big #1: Very close wall cloud with greenage south of Callands on April 28thStorm_1 wallcloud with greenage

This list isn’t necessarily reflective of what I consider to be my top ten chases of the year but there is some overlap. Meanwhile it’s on to 2017 to see what’s next!