I felt the need to post a followup to my somewhat optimistic prior posts regarding the potential for a rare January storm chase here in Virginia. The short answer: didn’t happen.

The longwave trough dug deeper into the Dixie states than models originally forecast and thus the instability was shoved well south of the Old Dominion. The warm front / CAD wedge front stayed draped across southern sections of North Carolina instead of pushing into Southside Virginia on Sunday as some early model runs were showing. Altho’ I’m not opposed to dropping into parts of NC to chase this wasn’t one of those occasions I was willing to do so…especially THAT far south for a winter season chase.

Thus low overcast and drizzly conditions prevailed here this past weekend followed by very heavy rain most of Monday. Virginia needed the rain to help alleviate the dry conditions that set up this past autumn but a January storm chase just wasn’t in the cards.

On to springtime!