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Since nothing convective is on the near horizon I’ve decided to create / attract some CAPE (instability) by hosting an online Hangout featuring several Virginia storm chasers. The event will go live at 8 pm Monday February 20th at this YouTube URL. I’ve invited each of the participants to present and discuss one of their chases during the very active 2016 season here in the Old Dominion.

Depending on availability there could be as many as 7 other chasers besides me so a number of different perspectives will be provided. I’ll be discussing my September 29th chase of two different hook echo supercells thru Patrick, Henry, and Franklin counties. It looks like the September 28th Vinton severe storm and perhaps the February 24th Waverly tornadic cell will also be topics. Once all the topics are submitted I’ll publish the list along with chaser names.

Hey, a chaser’s gotta do something to stave off the blahs this time of year!