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Okay, here’s the scoop on Monday night’s (2/20) online Hangout discussing the 2016 Virginia storm chase season. The following are the planned participants – in no particular order – with their specific discussion topic:

Andrew Smith: 2/24/16 Waverly VA tornadic storm

Mark Overbeck: 6/23/16 Southside VA severe and tornado-warned storms

Peter Forister: 6/16/16 Orange County VA supercell

Dean Davison: 9/28/16 Vinton/Stewartsville VA severe storm

Patrick Gannon: TBD

Alex Thornton: 6/23/16 Southside VA storms

Me: 9/29/16 Southside VA hook echo supercells

I’ll work up the agenda and speaker order between now and Monday (and we’ll have Patrick’s storm and date by then as well). Each speaker will take 5-7 minutes to present their chase with photos, maps, videos, and whatever else they can fit into their time slot.

This looks to be a great discussion starting at 8 pm Monday and it’ll be viewable at this YouTube link.

See you there!!