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I gave a storm chasing presentation in a Survey of Meteorology class at Virginia Tech this afternoon, concentrating on the 2016 chase season here in Virginia. Talking about those experiences made me look back at the YouTube clips from last year and I realized I hadn’t watched this particular video for a while.

It’s from April 28th near Chatham VA, looking west at the second storm I observed that day. A ground-scraping wall cloud formed before the overall storm weakened.Storm_2 wall cloud

The wall cloud then morphed into a roll cloud separated from the parent updraft and that’s what the video clip shows. Speeding up the video 8x reveals the horizontal rotary motion of the roll cloud as it moves away from the storm.

Meanwhile I’m still keeping an eye on tomorrow’s potential for thunderstorms along the I-81 corridor in southwest Virginia. Parameters look borderline for severe weather but if something fires up close enough I could be tempted to venture out for a looksee. I’m not planning to chase Saturday’s setup due to other commitments so Thursday is my only chance this week. (Indiana on Friday is tempting but…no.)