A year ago today SDS (supercell deprivation syndrome) was strong enough that I bit on a setup across Southside Virginia. The southern edge of a cold air damming wedge was hovering near the NC/VA state line, prompting the SPC to issue a Slight Risk for that area. Thus I moseyed down to the U.S. Route 58 to await the action.

This was the best view I had of convective towers that day, looking south from Martinsville. The chase territory in that part of North Carolina is not good but I did drop south to the Eden vicinity and noted that these towers were still well south of me. Towers S of Martinsville

I headed back north to Martinsville again to await more action. Unfortunately the wedge surged southward as evening approached and created a ground fog that reduced surface visibility to a couple hundred yards. Discrete storms did fire but I couldn’t see anything and wound up dodging a couple of hail cores amid the atrocious visibility.

As for Pi Day 2017? The snow/sleet/ice storm just departed the area for New England not long ago.