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Just concluded a field test of live stream settings with the local TV station. We needed to find a balance between desired output picture size, pixellation tendencies, frame rates, and overall picture quality…and I think we’ve done it. Hopefully we’re all set for the next chase opportunity.

Unfortunately that may not happen this week despite two powerful low pressure systems affecting Virginia weather. Today’s limitation is a cold air damming wedge that is quashing instability despite the forcing provided by system #1. There is NO instability to enhance the two diffuse squall lines on radar right now but I did click on three indicated cells and found estimated forward speeds of 89, 53, and 96 knots(!). It’s all a giant blob on radar accompanied by very low ceilings and equally low visibility.

System #2 is exhibiting lousy timing. This is the SPC Day 3 convective outlook covering Wednesday:VA_swody3

Unfortunately the models show convection across southern and western Virginia beginning well after dark Wednesday. (Typically night chases are out of my comfort zone.) Thursday’s convective bullseye is then draped across the I-95 corridor between late morning and very early afternoon. CAPE and shear look robust but that’s too early in the day for me to consider driving 3+ hours just to reach an initial chase target.

A peek ahead at the longer range doesn’t hold much hope of more Virginia chasing for a couple of weeks. That’s pretty normal for April but after some unusual March activity the let down is staring me in the face.