When I looked at this morning’s model runs I made the command decision to stay home today – Thursday – given that the next two days look like out of town chasing. Plus the overall lack of shear meant today’s storms would be garden variety pulse stuff with absolutely no cap in place.

Sure enough that’s what transpired this afternoon. The leading cell approached the Roanoke valley from the west just after 1:30 pm so I unhurriedly drove to a local vantage point to watch. This was the radar and MK 1 eyeball view as it crossed the ridgeline to the west.

As it rumbled along I videoed it (but didn’t live stream) and wound up capturing a couple of CG’s. This is a frame grab of the best view:CG_2r

Eventually the cell intensified and developed a hail core. The indicated hailstone size was only half-inch so I decided to intercept it by repositioning a couple miles further north and east.  (I know, that’s not necessarily a bright thing to do but I did it anyway.)IMG_6698

The core washed over the chasemobile as I sat in a retail parking lot (a “static core punch”). I experienced several minutes of pea-sized and smaller hail along with what felt like 30+ knot wind gusts that rocked the car a bit. Rain came down fast and furious and resulted in localized street flooding in my general vicinity.

Shortly after the hail and rain ended the sun came back out. However I stayed put for a few more minutes to allow the water time to drain off the roads. I then headed for home which was less than 5 minutes away. Pretty cool stuff close to home!