I knew today was going to be a “ridge runner” day, i.e. towers would go up along the ridge lines and fade as they oozed eastward. I was not disappointed.

Rolling down the driveway near 2 pm I headed down to Wirtz to watch for updrafts. One storm had already fired to the southwest over Hillsville:radar and visual of storm

I sat here for quite a while watching this slow moving storm and keeping an eye on other updrafts. When one looked rather robust to my north I pulled up stakes and moved to Burnt Chimney to watch and wait some more. There it was patently obvious that the convection was fading as it moved east.

Meanwhile the storm over Hillsville continued to grow but stayed basically rooted over that same area as it flung an anvil well to the northeast.The storm from Burnt Chimney

Other updrafts were going up on its southwestern edge as a clue that this storm wasn’t finished.New updraft

Sure enough later on (after I’d left for home) this storm went severe and built – not moved – eastward into Patrick county.

Meanwhile the other updrafts in view weren’t doing much. In fact this one gave me the finger…The finger

Given that today was only a warmup for Friday I didn’t feel bad about rolling homeward early.