Despite fog, low ceilings, and the rain I may have caught yesterday’s tornadic circulation on video (https://youtu.be/qmpXhufJWsU). Details were quite a bit less defined visually.

Also here’s a screen grab from my live stream video that I’ve processed way too much, finally converting it to black and white.B&W version of circulation screengrab

You can tell something is there but it’s just about as clear here as it was visually. Up until 3-4 minutes prior to this the top half of that tower in the foreground was fogged in and I couldn’t see it at all. Needless to say I kept the chasemobile’s engine running and had my hand on the gear shift while I divided my visual scan between looking out the windshield and watching radar.

The road system in this part of the world isn’t conducive to diving south into NC simply due to lack of vantage points (i.e. trees everywhere). This open field is the only spot I’ve found in that vicinity to be able to see more than a hundred yards or so and thus it was the safest place to be during the storm’s approach.

I am SO tired of warm/wedge front chases.