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The storm action has come to a screeching halt here in early June during a typically very active part of the chase season. An upper level trough early this week did fire a bit of convection but I was otherwise occupied and couldn’t chase. The now building East Coast ridge and accompanying Bermuda High are combining to squash any decent convective chances for the next several days.

There are hints of some increased activity next week but the GFS provides little hope of shear so these would likely be air mass thunderstorms more typical of July and August than early to mid-June. Still, these type storms can provide some fun chasing with a variety of shelf clouds and perhaps a brief wall cloud or two accompanied by hail and strong winds.

Meanwhile this photo is still one of my favorites from northern Virginia chasing. I was fleeing eastward in southeastern Fauquier county just ahead of a wall of rain pouring out of this April 3 2006 squall line.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I stopped long enough to snap a couple of photos with the rain shaft literally pounding down a couple hundred yards behind me.

Need more storms!!