After having a chance to go through my dashcam videos from July 5th (still haven’t looked at the livestream video caches) I found these two so-so frame captures of the same CG stroke:

There were many such CGs that alighted around us as storms #2 and #3 merged overhead. It’s possible the livestream cache contains better captures but there’s a LOT of video to go thru and I just haven’t done it yet.

Of the video I have reviewed this link to a YouTube post provides three different views of storm #1, the long-lived spinning supercell / mesocyclone combination. Each section is sped up 8 times to show the rotation more clearly.

And what I didn’t mention in the original writeup is that there was some interesting action going on in storms to the north of this first cell. This closeup shows a shelf cloud beginning to push out ahead of one of these northern storms while we were keeping an eye on our southern trio:Northern storm forming a shelf cloud

All in all it was a very busy couple of hours of chasing after an afternoon of nothingness. That’s the essence of storm chasing.