The past several weeks have provided disappointing storm views. I attribute it to (a) bad luck (missed a couple of good chase days due to conflicting schedules) and (b) way too much humidity in the air. Per the latter factor many of the storms I’ve observed lately resemble tropical downpours albeit accompanied by hail and plenty of lightning. The high humidity leads to a lack of both storm structure and visibility.

With little chance of decent storms during this torrid weekend I’ve been looking back over past August 17th intercepts. This one is from 2016 with a very nice shelf cloud over a Pittsylvania county tobacco field. (I’ve not seen many shelf clouds with this summer’s storms.)Aug 17 2016 shelf cloud near Rondo

This August 17th 2017 chase didn’t produce any decent storms due to a strong cap but the sunset views were pretty.Aug 17 2017 sunset valley view

Now I’m watching and waiting for the next chase opportunity.