OK, I’ve taken my opportunity to gnash my teeth at the lack of chasing this spring. Now that Memorial Day weekend is here it’s time to focus on what may be possible…like this chase setup tomorrow (Sunday 5/24) afternoon:20Z Sunday edge of Da Wedge

A backdoor cold front will sneak south and west tonight, settling across most of Virginia by dawn Sunday. However several models are indicating the western edge of “Da Wedge” will set up along the U.S. Route 220 corridor. Meanwhile a weak upper level disturbance looks to round the top of a weak ridge over the southeastern U.S. and dive south across western Virginia. The resulting convection could interact with the boundary and create some interesting activity.

The only fly in this ointment is the terrain and lack of a decent road system along and west of Rte 220. Hopefully my growing knowledge of those roads and associated vantage points will enable me to catch some views of storms tomorrow. We’ll see.