Chris White: storm chasing C.V.

Despite being a weather geek most of my life I don’t have a formal degree in meteorology. My sheepskin from Virginia Tech shows an undergraduate major in earth science education. (Said degree came with the equivalent of minors in math, geology, and chemistry.) I did take several meteorology courses plus a year of statistics in separate graduate programs as a part of career professional development…but that’s another story.

My chasing experience began on the Great Plains in 2002 with my son – a University of Oklahoma meteorology student – and my brother. Family chase trips out west continued roughly every other year until 2011, when I began chasing with the Virginia Tech Hokie Stormchasers (@hokiestorm on Twitter) as a driver and co-leader.

2002 also marked my first chase season in Virginia, applying the lessons I’d learned during that first western trip. Initially my Old Dominion chase territory was north of the I-64 corridor and west of I-95. In 2012 my main chase region shifted to southern Virginia, ranging between the Blue Ridge mountains and the I-85 corridor, generally staying south of U.S. Route 60.

I currently storm chase in conjunction with WDBJ7 television in Roanoke VA using the Severe Studios livestreaming capability to provide real-time video. I have been known to provide presentations on Virginia chasing to meteorology classes at Virginia Tech and at a few different public venues.

Earlier posts on this WordPress site were imported from my original blog, Storms-R-Us ( I am also on Twitter as @chrisvawx. And all of this weather activity has been gathered up  at under the Regarding Weather LLC umbrella.


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